Saturday, April 28, 2012

IBM Makes a Big Deal About Big Data by Acquiring Vivisimo

IBM has confirmed that is has made a definite arrangement towards the acquisition of Vivisimo, a Pittsburgh-based privately held company and a leading provider of navigation and federated discovery software that companies use in accessing and analyzing big data.

No financial terms were revealed during the announcement.

Vivisimo software is well known for its ability to collect and deliver high-quality information over the widest range of data sources from every format and location. This software not only automates the searching and collection of data, it also helps human users to navigate with a singly enterprise-wide view, allowing them to get important insights, resulting in better solutions for challenges encountered during operation.

This acquisition of Vivisimo by IBM speeds up the latter’s initiatives toward big data analytics with advanced federated capabilities, as it allows businesses and other entities to access, view, and analyze the complete repertoire of available data, both structured and unstructured, without having to transfer this data to another location.

As IBM combines its capabilities for big data analytics with Vivisimo’s software, IBM’s efforts towards automating data flow to business analytics applications will be getting a good push forward, resulting in greater capabilities for assisting clients in understanding customer behavior, managing network performance and customer churn, performing data-intensive marketing campaigns, and detecting fraud even as it happens.

"Navigating big data to uncover the right information is a key challenge for all industries," said IBM Information Management general manager Arvind Krishna. "The winners in the era of big data will be those who unlock their information assets to drive innovation, make real-time decisions, and gain actionable insights to be more competitive."

“As part of IBM, we can bring clients the quickest and most accurate access to information necessary to drive growth initiatives that increase customer satisfaction, streamline processes, and boost sales,” said Vivisimo CEO John Kealey.

According to IBM estimates, 2.5 billion terabytes of data are created per day from mobile phones, tablets, social media, sensors, and many other sources. The sheer quantity of this data makes it difficult for businesses to analyze them thoroughly so that they can be used to maximize company efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability.

Vivisimo has more than a decade’s experience in harvesting and navigating humongous amounts of data, helping business get full value from their data and content. Vivisimo distinguishes itself from similar software by its ability to search and index data from multiple repositories. Currently, it is serving over 140 clients from the financial industry, consumer goods, electronics, manufacturing, life sciences, and government. Some of the bigger names it serves include Procter & Gamble, the US Navy and the US Air Force, the Defense Intelligence Agency, LexisNexis, Bupa, and Airbus.

Upon the completion of IBM’s purchase of Vivisimo, around 120 of the latter’s employees will be transferred to IBM.