Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Using Lean Agile Methodologies for Planning & Implementing a Big Data Project @ "Data Informed Live!" on Dec. 10

I am scheduled to speak at the "Data Informed Live!" event being held at San Jose, California on December 10-11, 2012 at the San Jose Mariott. The event is focused on planning and implementing big data projects. This 2 day event targets business and IT managers with a goal of imparting them with the knowledge they need to develop and execute a "big data" plan for their companies.  

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The first day of this two day event is dedicated to planning aspects while day 2 focuses on implementation success factors. I am speaking on day 1,  and my talk is about  using lean agile methodologies for defining product requirements. Everyone knows that project requirements change for data and software related projects as things start taking shape, specially when the project involves new concepts and technologies such as big data, yet most traditional project management treat requirement changes as exceptions. I will be talking about how the agile requirement gathering and product design approach embraces change; and because change is anticipated in the agile project development frameworks, it allows projects to stay on track.   

I believe that  traditional requirements gathering processes does not work for big data projects because the end users can't yet fully grasp the full capabilities and power of big data and hence can not describe they need. 

An iterative agile approach where requirement gathering, design and implementation are done in small (2 to 4 week long) iterations allows end users to visualize what can be done and what is needed and help development team understand how long it takes. It also allows the project to continue to move ahead while providing flexibility to accommodate changes as end users discover new requirements and developers figure out technical nuances. My session will explain how the agile approach works, provides advice for using it, and gives real-world examples of how others have used it successfully.

Whether you are planning your "Big Data" project, or implementing it, "Data Informed Live!" will  prepare you for achieving success in your endeavors by covering the following critical issues: 

- Process: The key processes which both impact and will get impacted by the proposed big data project
- Organization: How to design and re-engineer your organization to implement and utilize big data
- Tools, Platforms and Technology: Understand what platforms and tools can be utilized to assist you in the design and implementation of the big data project.  

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Big Data plays an incredibly important part in small or large business success.

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