Friday, June 10, 2016


By its nature, technology is the world’s fastest-moving industry. So too are cybersecurity threats. Many of today’s biggest cybersecurity issues can be attributed to the failure of technology companies to keep up with the advances of cyber threats or, in too many cases, failing to prioritize these threats as a core part of their operational plan.

 In a hyper-connected world, digital transformation of the global economy depends more than ever on the ability of companies to intelligently implement strategies and solutions that protect their employees, customers, partners, and assets. There’s no doubt that in 2016, cybersecurity has become a boardroom issue, but across many executive teams there remains little more than a rudimentary understanding of the problem's complexity and the significant challenges in developing, implementing and executing a cybersecurity strategy across an enterprise and its ecosystem. 

This fall, I'm looking forward to attending Structure Security which will examine the evolution of the threat landscape and highlight best practices that security professionals use to protect the world’s largest companies and institutions. With speakers from Facebook, Slack, Bromium, the FBI, ARM, RSA Security, Google, Blackstone and more, there should be valuable insight given trends, security and IoT, government and cloud. Join me this September at Structure Security. 

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The Future of Security
September 27-28, 2016
Golden Gate Club, San Francisco

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